CCC Library

Welcome to the CCC Library! We are excited to announce that our books at the CCC Office are now accessible to all CCC members to borrow. Please find below some information about the CCC Library.

How does the CCC Library system work? ­

  1. We use an online library platform "Libib" to check in and check out books. 

  2. Only the staff (Elius/Emily/Gray/Jackie/Tezar) can check out and check in the book you borrow.

  3. Books can only be checked in and out at the CCC Office

  4. Visit to check out what books are in our library and their availability. If you are interested in checking out a book but are unable to check it out yet, you can place a “hold” and will be notified when it becomes available.

How to borrow a book from the CCC Library? 

  1. At the CCC Office, ask a staff to check out the book for you. 

  2. Return the borrowed items by the due date to a staff at the CCC Office. Due date is 3 weeks after checkout. (Note: There is a IDR 1,000 per day fine from the due date). 

  3. Should you want to extend your due date, you may extend your due date (only one cycle) by logging in to and access your account page (instructions below).

  4. After returning/checking-in the borrowed book, please put them in the basket provided below the rack. (Note: Do not return the books to the shelve yourself, as it may mess up the order of the book arrangement. Allow us to re-shelve all the returned books!)

How to access your Libib account/patron page? 

  1. Go to

  2. Click “patron login”.

  3. Use this email address to sign in.

  4. Create your own password by clicking “need password”.

  5. Patrons can change their account details, view a recent history of active/past checked out items, and view/release their current holds. Patrons are also given a one-time renewal option of their checked out items in the patron account page. 

A few book handling rules:

  1. Do not write or highlight on the pages of books you borrow! 

  2. Do not cut pages out of the books you borrow!

  3. In the case of any borrowed item being lost, damaged, or destroyed, you are liable to replace the lost/damaged/destroyed item with a new one or pay the equivalent value.

We strongly believe that the study of God and the Bible is not only for the elders but also for all Christians. We hope that the books at CCC Library can serve as helpful resources for you to study and know more about God and his Word!